Dark Falls

Poetry by Eric Walker

Restless and weary,
the clash of fate seems,
like a distant melody of,

The harmony of perseverance,
reigns supreme,
we hold patterns,
of whimsical fancy,
upon tired eyes.

Go now!

Go in the long winter.
Trust that oblivion will hold,
any strong will to the end.
I only wish?
No, we respond.

I only pray,
that each breath,
resets your suffering,
to pass with the swift air,
of a cool summer breeze.


Loud and boisterous,
challenges those who,
make light,
of the long winter.

The chill of a town,
buries those who seek only,
a meal.

Don't carry the burden for long,
remember the long, pale,
for what it is;
build with it,
heat with it,
live with it.

And let the long winter,
be gone into,
a peaceful remedy,
of songs sung, and dreams of tomorrow.

Maybe the wind,
it could have blown,
a gale so strong and true.
A happenstance,
of second chance,
a decision for me not you.

Was not the call,
the color rare,
that left us to be alone.
The sun did shine,
upon my time,
and made this life,
so bare.

Peace at last,
the clouds did form,
upon a fateful day.
From near below,
the earth did shake,
as if the Gods could say!

Give us not,
a chance my friends,
for loss of parental love.
We never share,
a waking sound;
only sorrow from above.

Can you hear us?

Published 16th January, 2022.

. H O L D E R . R E W A R D S .