Poetry by Sombul Augustine


I’m sad
Oh yeah, what’s for breakfast.
I’m sad
Well too bad
I’m sad
Grow up, that’s childish
I’m sad
What’s that?
I’m sad
Me too bro, me too
I’m sad
Ooooh.... Sex, that always helps
I’m sad
A cigarette? there are other drugs on the menu too.
I’m sad
Empathy: what’s has you feeling so sad?

This poem is mine

I feel stuck, fixated, and inert in life
There’s no movement
Same books, same poem
same lessons
I’m still a student
A student of life
A student of boredom
A student of restlessness
I hope it ends with no resentment
Resentment towards love
Love that I can’t feel
Resentment towards beauty
Beauty that I can’t find
Lemme at least have ownership
Of this poem
That is in fact mine

My Brain is Savage

My brain is damaged
Makes me feel like a savage
I wish I could feel better
On demand
I wish I could change it all
On command
I wish people had mercy
And there was a God
I wish I wasn’t being punished
So brutally
I don’t deserve this
I tell you truthfully
I wish there was God
So he could save me
From my brain
That is severely damaged
Makes me feel like a savage

Published 16th January, 2022.

. H O L D E R . R E W A R D S .