Souls of June

Poetry by Ted Bernal Guevara.

as compared to Jerry Seinfeld and Jerry Lewis

Let this not be an atheist’s prayer. But
let biology be biological as You had created it. 
The sense is as sure as daylight 
streaming around a sleek top-down Jaguar
carrying two Jewish comedians. Their success
beyond the liturgy of what they have graced
on us, on life. I thank thee for their galls 
and their wits. Let this not be their prayer, thin
as they may shun it, malleable as it is now,
maybe such asking is tucked in their glove compartment. 
Suppression of their once-feared lust has dispersed 
in the immensity of space, I know. I breathe 

them, too. Inhale, exhale the thinning 
heavens inside a semi. There is always a want 
to be on the outside, this land of scarce walls.
A better life teeming with hope and prosperity, 
the walls had promised! If only the doors would crack 
a taste of this bending, this freedom, 
there would be humor then. A choice to shun or not.
Atheists could be among them. Likely all packed their faiths
and had sacrificed every drop to that invisible sun. 
The two men basting in the coolness may 
have passed their locked vessel, 
the air of abundance 
above the two.     

"My precept has always been: Labels, you can peel off. Minds, you don't know where the edges are." - Ted Bernal Guevara.

Published 24th April, 2023.

. H O L D E R . R E W A R D S .