80's Escape

Art by Carly Schindler.

"The movies made in the 1980s give me incredible joy. The happy endings were earned in ridiculous big-hair, jean-jacket, fire-cracker splendor. The many saxophone-soundtracks hit secret, special chords in my heart. In some science-fiction films, instead of green screens, there were painted backgrounds of solar-systems. Those flat-yet-stellar sets age wonderfully because they were done with adoration for the project. The slow grumbles of sand, wind and erosion before a blast of light into dreamland. The 80s were a great time for flying fantasy and childhood adventures gone berserk. My piece is my brain's recreation of those joyous feelings. My piece is a mixture of acrylic paint, water-paints and felt markers. On matte board, free from framing shops, bless their hearts."

- Carly Schindler.

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Published 25th January, 2023.

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