checkout camera at the gas station

Art by Isabelle Schrader

"A while back, I took a grainy photo of the security camera footage at a gas station I went into on a road trip, thought the picture turned out cool, and then decided to draw it. I used colored pencils to give it that same sort of fuzzy quality that the staticky TV screen had, and the texture of the 8x8 canvas I drew it on also adds that effect. It's meant to be colorful and confusing yet visually soothing, like you're piecing together parts from a resurfacing dream.As for me, I am Isabelle, a 21 year-old traditional illustrator and explorer of many creative pursuits. Mostly I draw with a ballpoint pen, markers, or colored pencils, and you can view some more of my work at "".

"This gas station was a run-down little joint somewhere in rural Arkansas, but I live in Nashville, TN. It's also worth mentioning that I have a certain affinity for gas stations; I love the subject, I love studying them, and I love drawing them. You can learn more about the whole gas station saga at "".

- Isabelle Schrader.

Published 14th April, 2024.

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