Art by Ryo Kajitani.

"This series of works question the whereabouts of that were ignored by society and pretended never to have existed body in the form of photograph-based digital prints, using the experience of being subjected to violence as a reference point.

This body as a subject is "a fictional body made tangible by pain." In other words, you see, here is a ghost. Artist didn't choose to become a model myself. Instead, the "pain" that preceded it sculpted her into a model over time. This body is another body that was created, nurtured, and output through violence, even unbeknownst to them herself.

Over time, the pain accumulated in this body was no longer unpleasant. Especially, the most violently assaulted belly becomes a reservoir of energy that accumulates as a social force, which the artist or viewer can project their fears, desires, and dreams. My belly accepts these Diverse desires and fears.."

- Ryo Kajitani.

Published 19th November, 2023.

. H O L D E R . R E W A R D S .