The Conversation

Art by Vian Borchert.

"'The Conversation' is a painting that depicts the uncomfortable conversation occurring between the model and the artist where the model recalls sad memories of her father passing at a young age to cancer. The artist captures this pensive interaction and the deep emotions unravelling through the serious conversation through color, tone and the expressive features of the figure. The model stands tall yet uncertain about her future and what awaits her. The colors of bright yellow and green and strong contour figurative lines all add to the emotional impact the painting engulfs."

Vian Borchert is an established artist. Borchert has exhibited in museums and galleries in major cities. Borchert's artwork has been on display in Times Square - Broadway, National Liberty Museum. A "Notable Alumni" from Corcoran GW. Borchert’s art is featured vastly in publications. Borchert's work is in "1stDibs" and "Artsy".

Published 29th December, 2023.

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