Literature From The Street, For The People


All submissions can be made via submittable. Extensive guidelines are there too.



What are you looking for?

We are looking for Edge. Words about The Struggle. Words about The Gutters. Everyday people. Everyday things. Working 9-5. Or 9-7. Or 24/7 because that's how it is sometimes. How to raise a kid in this. How to maintain a relationship. The balance. The dizzying. The emotions that come out. The emotions that are repressed. Where did this all come from? Your childhood tales. Your families woes. And the things that salvage. Of course it's all worth it. Because of where you came from.

What do you publish?

Flash Fiction- 300-1000 words
Short Stories- 1000-6000 words
Nonfiction- 500-6000 words
Poetry- Up to 3 poems
Manuscripts- up to 100,000 words. Primarily we are looking for Literary Fiction and Poetry Collections, but we are often surprised by what we like.

When do you publish?

We will publish as frequently as possible. This depends largely on the quality of submissions.

Do you pay?

We are saving to do so! We are a new press with a numerous running costs. As soon as we can we will give back financially to our authors and artists.

Do you accept multiple and simultaneous submissions?

Yes to both!

What is the The 2023 StreetLit Prize in Art / Literature?

The StreetLit Prize is awarded each year to one outstanding submission in Literature and one in Art. The winner gets $500 and publication online with StreetLit. We also hold creative writing contests occasionally with the same terms: one winner, $500. To enter, please see our submittable page.

What is 'Legacy'?


Legacy is a place to ADVERTIZE your work. We recognize it's sometimes not easy to gain the exposure that is needed to get the ball rolling, or keep the ball rolling. We want to help with that.

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The StreetLit team are 2-strong from the street. Hustling to make ends meet. Doing it from The Gut(tters). We love words because they got us through.

Co-founder. Poetry and Fiction Editor.

Co-founder. Nonfiction, Fiction, Art Editor. StreetLit Artist.

. H O L D E R . R E W A R D S .