Coal Town

Art by Barbarah Tlush

‘Coal Town’ Oil on Birch panel, represents the coal mine region of PA where the underground fires have displaced whole towns like Centralia. A humble blue collar area that feels frozen in time somewhere in the 1950’s & 60’s where jobs are diminishing but the people stay strong. The government came in to buy their homes but many people stayed, while the neighborhoods around them were demolished, living with the fear of the underground fires taking their own homes. With limited options to relocate and / or start over, generations came to a halt. The industry and dynamic has taken a toll on the impoverished communities, but they forge on to keep whatever is left alive. They patriotically hang on to higher hopes with humble pride that our country will not forget them.

"As a professional artist, I primarily paint farm animals and landscapes in oil on birch panel. My whimsical SnowPeople ® paintings immortalize iconic historical places and people. Selling and showing nationally, I donate to farmers and food banks."

- Barbarah Tlush

Published 26th January, 2024.

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